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2012 Appeal

On Sunday, February 5th we officially launched the 2012 Annual Archdiocesan Stewardship Appeal. As you are well aware, this annual appeal provides major support for the educational and charitable efforts throughout our Archdiocese, including Staten Island. 

The objectives of the Appeal are ambitious, but real. They include things such as support to needy parishes and schools, retired priests and religious, formation for our seminarians and the work of Catholic Charities that assists the poor. 

In 2011 St. Clare’s ranked #1 in the Archdiocese with 976 donors to the Appeal, more than any other parish in the Archdiocese. 

We ranked #8 out of 370 parishes in the Archdiocese with $179,000 raised in total pledges. 

This great achievement is being rewarded with an even higher goal of $201,000. 

The Appeal Office is confident that we will achieve this goal and as such turned down Fr. Richard’s request for a lower adjustment to this goal. 

I guess, Archbishop Dolan must have been very impressed with us when he visited in November! 

However, any money received over goal will be returned to the parish at a rate of 100%.

Over the next few weeks you’ll be receiving information in the mail from the Archdiocese and see things in our bulletin and website about the appeal. Please give it some thought – any amount will help, and as we know every pledge counts. During Commitment Weekend, on the weekend of March 10/11 Fr. Richard will speak more about the appeal. 

Let's express our gratitude for the ways we have been blessed by following Our Lord's example of sacrificing for others. We have a quite a challenge ahead of us this year, but Fr. Richard is confident that St. Clare’s will rise to the occasion and give it a great attempt.

Feb 18, 2012, 12:14 PM