Support Us

Sustaining the activities and services at St. Clare's is due to the generosity of so many people, through many sources.  These include the weekly offertory collections, tuition, registration fees, major fundraising efforts throughout the year, and periodic capital campaigns.

This page is designed to guide parishioners and friends in opportunities to contribute toward fundraisers which are "open to all" and appreciated in so many ways.

If you become aware of programs that would support the services at St. Clare's, please contact Chuck Tracy, Parish Manager, to discuss options.

Pathway of Prayer
The Pathway of Prayer was designed in 2000, as a way for parishioners to honor those living and remember those who have passed.  Bricks are inscribed and set permanently in the Pathway surrounding our Blessed Mother's statue, to the right of the church entrance on Nelson Avenue.  The landscaped installation received an architectural award from the Staten Island Chamber of Commerce.  Inscriptions can have up to 3 lines of text per brick, up to 13 characters per line, including spaces.

The offering for each brick is $150.00

Weekly Sanctuary Candles
A sanctuary lamp is located in the sanctuary of the church and chapel.  These candles burn daily, indicating the presence of the Blessed Sacrament in the Tabernacle.  Each week, the new candle is lit and we remember the intention of the person(s) requested.

The offering for the candle is $25.00

Mass Intentions
Public Masses are generally celebrated 24 times each week in our church and chapel.  We remember the intentions of all who are gathered.  However, at each Mass, the name(s) of those who have been requested in a special intention are read aloud.  Requests for this intention are recorded in the "Mass Book" which is available in the Rectory.  Each January, the book is opened on a first-come-first-served basis for the following year.  (For example, January 2018 started accepting requests for the 2019 Masses, etc.)

The offering for Weekday Masses is $15.00 
The offering for Sundays and Holidays is $20.00

Weekly Bread and Wine
The bread and wine used for the Eucharist at each of our 24 public Masses are offered each week for the intention of the requested person(s) - generally in their memory, but often in honor of someone living.

The offering for the weekly bread and wine is $25.00

Annual Candle
Candles are part of our Catholic Tradition.  The lit candle represents the light of Christ, present in our midst.  At St. Clare's we have several candle stands where people can light one as part of their prayer of praise, thanksgiving, petition, or intercession.  Once lit, the candles remain lit for approximately 12 hours.  The Annual Candles remain lit for 1 year from when first lit.  A small plaque is placed at each Annual Candle indicating the intention, so that others who visit may also share in that prayer.

The offering for the Annual Candle is $125.00

The garments that the priests and deacon wear at each Mass are called vestments.  These vestments are colored based on the liturgical season.  Once purchased they generally last for several years because they are well maintained.  Often we need to purchase new ones and are able to do that because of the generosity of people who donate towards the cost.

Vestments Offerings range from $250 - $400 depending on specifications.

Our local STOP & SHOP store is running a school-fundraising program, A+ School Rewards, and we need YOUR help! Every time you shop at a participating STOP & SHOP in Fall or Winter using your STOP & SHOP Card, you will earn points towards our school.  Those points will become CASH that our school can use for any of our educational needs!  Sign in to your store account online to check out our results to date.

All you need to do to help St. Clare's earn A+ School Rewards is to designate our school using your STOP & SHOP Card number and our school’s five-digit ID code 08570.

Designations can be made on-line at or by visiting the Customer Service Desk of our local store.

St. Clare's is a proud member of Box Tops for Education.  Please support us by bringing your Box Tops to the doors of the church or the school office.  Each box top collected helps build our annual rebate which helps St. Clare's continue to stay on the forefront of Catholic education on Staten Island.