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Order forms are available in the school office, but all measurements and ordering is handled directly with:

2645 Forest Avenue 
Staten Island, NY 10303
(347) 682-2221

Uniform Requirements:
All students wear the Saint Clare's cardigan sweater. (6th, 7th and 8th graders will wear a Saint Clare's pull-over sweater instead of the button down sweater.)  The summer shirt may be worn by all boys and girls in September and October as well as in April, May and June.  Girls in grades K to 4, if not wearing a summer shirt, can wear a plain white uniform shirt, and the jumper.  Uniform navy slacks may be worn by girls all year long to replace the jumper or skirt. Boys in grades 6, 7 and 8 will be expected to wear the uniform white dress shirt and tie from November through April unless they wear the white "SCS" turtleneck shirt.  The gold shirt is now an option for boys in grades K to 5.  They may wear the turtleneck or shirt and tie if they wish.  However, the golf shirt may be worn as part of the winter uniform along with the button down sweater for boys in these grades.  This is all spelled out on the order form and in our Handbook.

The gym uniform will be purchased through Flynn and O'Hara Uniform.  A navy t-shirt and long short with a classy Saint Clare's logo is the summer uniform, while a navy sweatshirt is expected to be worn on gym days as the weather becomes cooler.  A zippered grey Saint Clare's sweatshirt may be worn instead of the blue pull-over sweatshirt.  The navy zippered Saint Clare's sweatshirt from Mr. Sew and Sew is also acceptable.  Boys must wear a belt each day. 

All Students are expected to wear the regulation uniform 
including shoes each day.  
There can be  
NO exception!

Remember, sneakers (low or high top) must be mainly white.  If we find that the sneakers are not mainly white, we will return to the completely white sneaker.  Uniform shoes must be purchased from Flynn and O'Hara unless a special shoe must be worn because of foot issues.  A letter from a doctor is needed each September.  If you choose to buy your uniforms at the store, go early, so you will be prepared for September.

More About Uniforms
Of late, we are noticing students out of uniforms.

  1. We wear mostly white low or high top sneakers only for gym. Socks should be at least 3/4 WHITE ankle socks and must be visible with both types of sneaker.

  2. Shorts for gym may be worn under gym sweats until June 1st.  No gym shorts may be worn to school until that day.

  3. Uniform Shorts and Skorts may be worn from April until the end of school with mostly white sneakers. white socks and the Saint Clare's golf shirt - tucked in for boys.  Girls may wear sneakers and white socks with the skort or shorts.  

  4. Golf shirt for boys must be tucked in, and belts must be worn.

  5. NO colored or decorated tee-shirts may be worn under uniform shirts.

  6. Bracelets, double ear piercing, necklaces, make-up or nail polish is not allowed.