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Academics at St. Clare School

The academic program at St. Clare School includes a highly challenging curriculum in all major subject areas (Religion, English Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies), as well as Computer Technology, Physical Education, Dance and Movement (Kindergarten), Music, Art (Grades K - 6), Recorders (2nd Grade), Chorus (Grades 3 & 4) and Band (Grades 3 - 6). Each subject area follows the New York State Standards as delineated in the Archdiocesan Essential Learnings. Our seventh and eighth grade classes are separated into a STEM program (advanced study in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) or the Academy for Science and Math which provides a grade appropriate challenging curriculum in these subject areas.

Our students perform exceptionally well in all Archdiocesan  and State tests as a result of the fine educational foundation, as well as exceptional parental support of our children. Our students are the recipients of many scholarships and awards. Our graduates return to us grateful for for the education they received which enables them to be successful in High School. We do our best to live up to our mission of building a faith and educational foundation, one student at a time!