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Wedding Music

 Celebrating the Sacrament of Marriage

The celebration of parish weddings, your Marriage in Christ, is a very special time in the life of our parish as it is in the life of each couple, their families and friends. We believe that your decision to be married in Christ was something that was planned because of your individual and now joined relationships with your God. We are delighted that you have decided to come to your parish to prepare for this sacred life event. We know that you will want your wedding to be very beautiful in its expression of your love for Jesus and each other.

In order to help couples prepare for the religious celebration of their wedding, the parish will present several Wedding Workshops during the course of the year. While each workshop will be aimed primarily at assisting you in the selection of the liturgical music of your wedding, other wedding procedures and highlights of the style of weddings in Saint Clare parish will be outlined during the evening as well.

We strongly urge you to make a special effort to attend one of the Wedding Workshops at least one month before your wedding. At these special gatherings you will hear and select the music for your wedding. Music selections will take place only during these special workshops. They are designed to allow you to hear the very beautiful selections that are part of the Saint Clare wedding music repertoire. Many of these selections are new and extremely appropriate for your wedding, and a special gathering will allow you to hear the instrumental and vocal pieces that you are able to select to make your wedding very special and liturgically beautiful. The music used before and during the liturgy should be recognizable to all gathered as prayer. Therefore, secular love songs or ballads that have special meaning for the couple are best used at the reception or rehearsal dinner. Pre-recorded music is not permitted.

All workshops will take place in Saint Clare Church and will last about 90 minutes. If, however, you find it impossible to attend a workshop, the Director of Music will schedule the most popular selections at your wedding.