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Catechetical Resources Presented at Clergy Meeting

  1. US Conference of Catholic Bishops
    Official texts of the Order of the Mass, including Eucharistic Prayers
    Annotated Order of the Mass
    Sample of Mass Propers (Advent-Christmas) with commentary
    Comparison of old-to-new
    Papers, articles
    Planning calendar and worksheets for implementation
    Bulletin inserts
    Videos for clergy, parish leaders and for the assembly
  2. Become One Body, One Spirit in Christ
    Interactive DVD from The Leeds Group
    Group discussion questions
    User guide
  3. Federation of Diocesan Liturgical Commissions
    Bulletin announcements
    Catechetical presentations kits
  4. Notre Dame Center for Liturgy
  5. National Association of Pastoral Musicians
    Chants of the Missal – recordings and scores
  6. Chant Café
    Videos of the chants – look and listen at the same time
  7. International Commission on English in the Liturgy
    Music for all the chants of the Missal
  8. A New Translation for a New Missal
    Msgr. Moroney’s videos of the Mass, catechesis
    Presenter’s guide
  9. Paul Turner
    Articles from a prolific writer on the liturgy
  10. Archdiocese of Philadelphia Missal/Bulletin Inserts.html
    A series of 52 short bulletin articles about the Mass
  11. Renew International
    6-session small group faith-sharing
    Pew cards
  12. Faith Catholic
    Pew cards
  13. Mystical Body, Mystical Voice or
    Catechetical workshops
    Audio files
    Bulletin inserts
  14. Revised Roman Missal
    Bulletin inserts
    Catechetical session outlines
    Articles, podcasts and blogs
    Homily ideas
  15. Liturgy Training Publications
    Understanding the Revised Mass Texts booklet, leader’s guide
    Planning guide
  16. Oregon Catholic Press
    New Mass settings
    (Belmont Mass, Mass of Gregory the Great, Mass of Frances Xavier Cabrini recommended by archdiocesan committee)
  17. World Library Publications
    Order of the Mass booklets
    Practice CD for proclaiming the Eucharistic Prayers
  18. GIA Publications
    Revised Order of the Mass leaflets for the Assembly