A Shawl Maker's Prayer
2010 All tights reserved - By Diane Burgess

Dear Lord; Bless my hands as I knit today. May each twist of the yarn guide me to create a pattern of love and comfort in my work and remind me of Your ultimate protection.
Wrap me in Your spirit so that I will be more caring towards those in need. Grant me patience as  I create this shawl. 
And bless my handiwork as it travels to bring comfort and peace to someone in need of Your warming embrace.  

                                    Prayer for All
2010 All tights reserved - By Tish Hoar

Dear Lord, please bless these needles of mine. That I may make a shawl of strength, faith, health, and love.  
Give this shawl the ability to comfort, the ability to heal, the ability to give strength where it is needed and of your will it to be. 
 May the recipient be able to know that you are with them and that they are not alone.  That they are cared for and loved  and prayed for.  
That your loving arms are around them, to protect them for whatever reason they should need, whenever they put this shawl on.  
Lord, thank-you for the blessings that this shawl is given.  

Prayer for Healing
2010 All tights reserved - By Cathleen O'Meara Murtha, DW

In the beginning, creating God, you formed my being.
You knit me together in my mother's womb.
To my flesh and blood you gave breath of life.
O loving One, renew me this day in your love, grant me life as a gift of Your faithfulness;
grant me light to journey by; grant me hope to sustain me.
May this mantle be for me a sign of Your healing presence. May it warm me when I am weary;
May it surround me with ease of my suffering; may it encircle me with caring when I am in pain.
O Christ who healed the broken in body and spirit, be with me and all who suffer this day.
Be with the doctors, nurses, technicians, chaplains and all who care for the sick.
Be with families and friends of those abiding with and comforting for the sick.
May Your gentle, yet strong touch reach out to heal all the broken and hurting people and places in our world.

The Yarns's Journey
2010 All tights reserved - By Tish Hoar

As the yarn's journey starts, 
It becomes a prayer that comes from the shawl maker's heart, 
The yarn becomes a journey of silent prayer, through it's twists and knots, the prayer is still there, 
The quiet clicking or the swish of the yarn, tells you the prayer is still going on, 
The shawl maker adds on another skein, the prayer is anew and doesn't wane, 
As time goes by and the shawl maker's mind sometimes wanders, 
The yarn goes on and prayerfully ponders, a prayer is said and the stitching subsides, 
The yarn comes to an end and is knotted and tied, it's Hope, Faith, and Love the recipient wears, 
But in the silent clicking, and the swish of the yarn, 
The yarn never ceases and its silent prayers are still going on...