Prayer Shawl Request Hard Copy

                                                                                                                        Saint Clare Parish

        110 Nelson Avenue

       Staten Island, New York 10308




In order to help us personalize the Prayer Shawl, we ask for the following information.

·        The first name of the recipient and a general reason for the nomination.

·        Any additional information you can provide will help make the shawl and our prayers more personal.

 Please Note: Do not reveal any personal details especially about health concerns without prior permission from the recipient for privacy reasons.

 ·        If the recipient is out of town, please let us know if they are in a different climate than the Northeast.

 Prayer Shawl Recipient: __________________________________________

                                      First Name/Last Name

 Reason for the Prayer Shawl:

                                                                                                 Illness                                                  Divorce


                                                                                Bereavement                                         Birth


                                                                                Loss                                                   Life Transition


Please tell us a little about this person.

Suggestions include: family life, career, hobbies, favorite color(s), pets, favorite activity, and birth month.




Thank you for your interest and for nominating this person

Someone will contact you within the next few days to follow up with your request.


____________________                                                                  ___________________

Your Name                                                                                      Phone number & Email Address


How did you hear about this ministry?________________________________________________


Created by: ____________________                                       ______________________

                    Name of Prayer Shawl Volunteer                              Yarn Brand & Color



Date Presented: __________________________