Prayer Shawl Ministry

We are the "Wrapped in Love Prayer Shawl Ministry"

"A Shawl wrapped around you is like a hug from God."

Established April 7, 2010


Mission Statement

To create prayer shawls
For those in our parish family,
And community
As a gift for
Healing, Protection, Strength, Courage,
And Celebration.
To bring
Hope, comfort, Peace, Love
And Prayers
Through the work of our hands.
Note: Shawls are given freely as a gift to anyone in need.
If your means allow, donations are Welcomed and Greatly Appreciated!!!
Donations allow us to keep this ministry strong and ongoing. It is the Pay it Forward concept of treating others with kindness and helping them in times of need, and in return that person will help others because of the help that you gave them. If everyone does a kind deed for another, it eventually comes full circle back.

Donations can be in the form of money, wool, or gift cards to neighborhood wool/craft shops.

Thank you for your support!

If you are interested in becoming a member of this ministry, please email us at