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St. Clare's Relief Team Contact Information
Direct Telephone: (718) 554-8104            Email:

* * PLEASE NOTE * * 
As of Friday, November 16th St. Clare's is no longer organizing volunteers for Cleaning, Demolition, or Rebuilding.  Those interested in these types of opportunities should refer to other local agencies to lend a helping hand.

  • Distribution Center Crew - volunteers will assist in the restocking of our supply center and answering the requests for items from the "Pink Sheets".  These volunteers will be in the Murphy Center or garages most of the time.
  • Needs Assessment - Volunteers will go out to neighborhoods and gather information for what is needed.  These volunteers will be expected to be able to drive/walk to neighborhoods and gather information such as short term and long term needs - including any medical referrals, food items, supplies, etc.
  • Receiving & Sorting Crew - Volunteers will assist in the parking lot and garage area for donations that arrive to St. Clare's.  These volunteers should dress warmly as they will be outside most of the time.
  • Transportation - volunteers will assist in bringing supplies to the homes or going to get donations from other locations.  These volunteers will be expected to have access to their own vehicle and be responsible for their own gasoline.

Hurricane Sandy Relief Volunteers