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Current Schedules 
Winter Schedule : February 17, 2021-May 30, 2021

Please Note: Because of the Covid-19 Pandemic Altar Servers and Children Liturgy Ministries are suspended until further notice.
Musicians (Choir, Cantors, Instrumentalists)
The Adult Choir sings at 11:30 AM Mass on Sundays in the Church. Practice is on Thursdays at 7:30 PM in Church. All high school age and up are welcome to join.
The Children’s Choir sings at 10:00 AM Mass on Sundays. Practice is on Thursday afternoons. Open to any child interested in singing for God.
Contact: George Poppe, Director of Music
Adults and teens who have a love of scripture and a desire to share it are trained to proclaim the readings at Sunday Mass and other parish liturgies. Lectors are scheduled in a rotation through all Mass times.Training is provided.
Contact: Marie Noel, Pastoral Associate.
Our ushers are ministers of hospitality, who help parishioners feel welcomed in the Church, assist in maintaining order, receive the offerings of the faithful and help in any emergency situation. Open to men and women, teens and older.
Contact: Cathy Feeks, Sacristan. Leave a message at the rectory 718-984-7873.
Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion
Our communion ministers are trained and commissioned parishioners who assist the priests and deacon in the distribution of Holy Communion, either at mass or on visits to the homebound or hospitalized. Selected parishioners are invited by the pastor to pray about the possibility of their serving in this special capacity, for the good of the worshiping community. When the candidate feels positive toward responding to the invitation they are requested to attend preparation sessions.
Contact: Marie Noel, Pastoral Associate
Altar Servers
St. Clare Parish has over 80 girls and boys in grades 5 thru 8 and high school serving at the altar. Training sessions begin in September and continue through November with a formal installation on the Third Sunday of Advent. As servers, our young people are invited to grow in their understanding of the importance of prayer and liturgy in their lives. Through their service around the Eucharistic table, the servers are encouraged to bring Christ into all they do--at home, in school, and on the ball fields. 
Contact: Fr. Patrick Amedeka, Parochial Vicar.
Children's Liturgy of the Word
Children from kindergarten through second grade participate during the 10:00 A.M. Mass each Sunday. Children attend Mass with their parents and are invited to hear the Liturgy of the Word under the guidance and instruction of parishioners trained in this ministry. Prayer, song, readings, and activities appropriate to the children's ages are prepared by the ministers in the spirit of that Sunday's scripture. Subsequent to the Prayer of the Faithful, children return to the assembly. This early experience with worship has resulted in many children being involved in various youth activities and ministries of the parish.
Contact: Gale LaForge. Leave a message at the rectory 718-984-7873 or Cathy Adinolfi, Family Ministry Director.