Making All Things New

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Update from the Chairman - Jan 2014

The St. Clare's "Making All Things New" Core Group, consisting of Fr. Richard, John Gillen, John Esposito, Mary Blanchard, Trisha Talamanco and myself have been very busy since we talked to you at Masses last September and asked for your assistance by filling out a Parish Survey Form.

"Making All things New" is the Archdiocese of New York's pastoral planning initiative which will guide the church in New York for many years to come. Your survey responses were very important in helping us see what our strong and weak points were; what we've done right and where we needed to improve to better serve our parish. By and large, your overwhelming approval rating on all facets of parish life here at St. Clare's were very gratifying.

In November we were assigned to a mid-Island cluster group of parishes. We began meetings with our new sister parishes, Holy Child, St. Charles, Our Lady Queen of Peace and St. Patrick's in December. We are currently learning about each other. We are fortunate that all 5 parishes are healthy, and that it will be possible to collaborate with each other to better serve our mid-Island Catholic population by sharing not only some of our ministries, but our ideas and enthusiasm.

This is not an easy process. Parish ego's, emotions, nostalgia and riches are always facts lurking beneath every decision that will have to be made. I am confident that the core people from each parish in our cluster, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, will rise to the occasion after we study and debate each issue involved. The goal is to think beyond parish boundaries and make decisions based on pragmatism and for the "common cluster good".

We at St. Clare's promise to keep our parishioners, in the "Making All Things New" information loop! Stay tuned for future information!

Frank R. Vellucci 
Core Committee Chair

Goals of Making All Things New

  1. To enhance the vibrancy of parish life in the Archdiocese of New York.
  2. To strengthen the presence and ministry of the Church in the urban, suburban and rural areas of the archdiocese.
  3. To foster an appreciation for and participation in Sunday Eucharist.
  4. To promote New Evangelization efforts throughout the archdiocese.
  5. To implement parish planning within the archdiocese considering the needs of the people, the projected number of priests available to serve, financial resources, and changing demographics.
  6. To ensure that all parishioners have opportunities for quality lifelong Christian education and formation.
  7. To strengthen service to those who are most in need.
  8. To promote vocations to priesthood, religious life, the diaconate, and lay ministry.
  9. To support new initiatives for youth, young adults, families, and seniors.
  10. To build a greater sense of unity among Catholics from all cultures within the local Church.
  11. To increase collaboration among all entities in the local, national, and universal Church.

St. Clare's Core Committee Members

Fr. Richard, Pastor

John Gillen, Parish Manager

Frank Vellucci, Chair

Mary Blanchard

John Esposito

Trisha Talamanco