Finance Council

The Finance Council meets monthly and advises Fr. Richard on all fiscal matters of the parish.  This includes budgeting, capital repairs, and strategic planning for future reserves.

Finance Council Meeting Schedule

2017 – 2018 Membership of the Finance Council

Ex-Officio Members
Mrs. Jessica Bonavita – Trustee ‘20’
Mr. Michael D’Anna – Trustee ‘18’
Msgr. Richard Guastella
Mr. Chuck Tracy
Mrs. Valerie Winslow
Mrs. Theresa Signorile

Appointed Members
Mrs. Joanne Gardella ‘18’complete
Mrs. Patricia Padavano ‘19’ complete
Mr. Gerard Novello ‘19’ complete
Bebe Kuck ‘18’ renewable
Lou Maresca ‘18’ complete
Greg Rossicone ‘18’ renewable
Peter Maniscalco ‘20’renewable

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