Employment Group

The Employment Group Meetings will take place via Zoom until further notice. To request a link to the meetings, please call the Rectory at 718-984-7873 and provide your name, telephone number, job objective, zip code, and email address. 


Experienced professionals provide assistance to the unemployed of the community. Support is offered through self-assessments, networking, resume preparation, transferring skills across industries, and development of interviewing skills.

The group meets on the third Thursday of the month.

We continue to provide one on one employment advisement by appointment. To obtain an appointment or for general information please leave a message at the Rectory (718) 984-7873 and a member of the group will return your call. This service is free and open to members of the parish and local community.


To provide a means for the unemployed to help themselves to a better career


Skills and Accomplishments

  1. Develop a list of work skills 
  2. Provide accomplishments to support these skills 
  3. Relate these skills to the marketplace 
  4. Develop an understanding of transfer of skills from one career to another 
  5. Utilize technology in your job search 
  6. Developing technology skills 

Written Materials

  1. Develop a Resume 
  2. Create a Cover Letter 
  3. Write a “Thank You” letter 


  1. Develop a list of people who could give advice and direction 
  2. Develop networking skills 
  3. Locate a job through networking 


  1. Learn what to expect 
  2. Research company/organization prior to interview 
  3. Prepare a list of questions and comments to use 
  4. Use the resume during the interview 
  5. Develop a “Two Minute Drill” giving skills and accomplishments to support them 
  6. Learn the value of Non-Verbal Communication (NVC) 
  7. Examine aspects of NVC: clothing, physical appearance, eye contact, etc. 

Stress Management /Relationships

  1. Identify and manage personal and family stress 
  2. Avoid self-destructive behavior 

Many presenters have… “Been There, Done That”. Some former group participants return as presenters. Group Support is an essential part of the program. The success of this program is based on the participants supporting one another through the job search process.

Our program is provided at no charge and is available to all in the Metropolitan area.

Our work has been featured in the Catholic New York newspaper, recognizing our first 25 years of advising nearly 2,000 people with job search support.

Click on the specific dates listed below to read more details about the guest speaker and topic of presentation for a particular week.


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