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2020 Bulletins

The rectory has a nearly complete set of reference copies back to December 9, 1979. Any older copies for our archive would be most appreciated.

2020 Bulletins

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Bulletin Guidelines

Saint Clare's bulletin is published each week through J.S. Paluch & Sons, Inc.  Under the current contract, all material must be submitted from St. Clare's no later than Tuesday of the upcoming Sunday.  Generally, the bulletin is viewable online by the Wednesday of the upcoming Sunday.
Each section of the bulletin is prepared by individual staff members using MS Publisher and electronically submitted each Monday by noon to the rectory where it is edited and compiled by one of the parish secretaries.
To submit content for a particular section, parishioners should contact the rectory or submit a request online at least 10 days prior to the anticipated Sunday bulletin.

Effective: April 2010

Under current contract with JS Paluch & Sons there will no longer be any full page inserts to our weekly bulletin.  Instead, a dedicated half page space has been reserved each week for such requests. 
To reserve space please complete the Request Flyer Space form below.

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