Adult Faith Formation

"Faith seeks understanding":it is intrinsic to faith that a believer desires to know better the One in whom he has put his faith, and to understand better what He has revealed; a more penetrating knowledge will in turn call forth a greater faith, increasingly set afire by love. the grace of faith opens "the eyes of your hearts" to a lively understanding of the contents of Revelation: that is, of the totality of God's plan and the mysteries of faith, of their connection with each other and with Christ, the center of the revealed mystery. "The same Holy Spirit constantly perfects faith by his gifts, so that Revelation may be more and more profoundly understood." In the words of St. Augustine, "I believe, in order to understand; and I understand, the better to believe." (Catechism of the Catholic Church #158)

Adult Faith Formation at St. Clare's Parish has two goals:
  1. To form a parish that is vitally alive in faith. We seek to provide a parish climate and an array of activities and resources designed to help adults more fully understand and live their faith.

  2. To form adults who actively cultivate a lively baptismal and eucharistic spirituality with a powerful sense of mission and apostolate. Nourished by word, sacrament, and communal life, they will witness and share the Gospel in their homes, neighborhoods, places of work and centers of culture.

In short, the aim of this program is to do everything we can to support and encourage each member of this parish on his or her spiritual journey with Jesus Christ.

Adult Faith Formation Events and Information

Single Together is a social group for men and women ages 50 and over who are single for any reason. Meetings are usually held on the last Sunday of the month from 4 to 6 pm in the Murphy Faith Formation Center located below the Lady Chapel. Check the Sunday bulletin for more details. All are welcome. 

Meeting Christ in Everyday Life is  a program of prayer, music, scripture reading and reflection based on Ignatian spirituality.

It is led by Manresa companions Bob Giugliano, Ph.D. and Rick D’Aversa. Meetings are usually held on the first Saturday of the month at 10 am in the chapel in the Presentation Center. Mass is celebrated at 9 am in the Lady Chapel for those who wish to attend.

All are welcome.

News from Formed

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Committee Members

Marcy Dabbene

Lianne Ericsson

Bernice Fisher

Michael Hillers

Maureen Italiano

Gale LaForge

Mary Mahoney

Marilyn Marotti

Ginger Miller

Maureen Rachlin

Claire Smith

Tom Tuminello

Valerie Winslow