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Any girls Grades 4th-8th interested in joining our 2020-2021 Game Cheer Team(non-competitive) for Basketball games Email :


Any questions email :


 For any information please contact 
Vicky John - Cheer Coordinator

Information for 2020-2021Cheer Season

  • Sign Ups 
  • Clinics
  • Tryout
      Cheer Clinics JV & Varsity Teams
        St Clare School Gym


                      All dates for tryouts and clinics are still pending  
                      due to pandemic. 

                      Will post as soon as we are given information .

                     2019-2020 was a very successful year for our 
                     teams. Varsity and Debs division are Island 
                    champs for Cyo competition. Biddy team did
                    not have the chance to place due to season 

                    coming to a halt but gave a winning performance 

                    for Island competition. 

                   Stay safe and looking forward to seeing girls back

                   on the mats.